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September 14, 2014

a prayer for bread and justice

O God, just as the disciples heard Christ’s words of promise and began to eat the bread and drink the wine in the suffering of a long remembrance and in the joy of a hope, grant that we may hear your word, spoken in each thing of everyday affairs: Coffee, on our table in the morning; […]

August 31, 2014

through our hands

Make us worthy, Lord,      to serve those throughout the world who live and die in poverty or hunger. Give them through our hands, this day their daily bread;     and by our understanding love, give peace and joy.   Amen A prayer for those serving the poor by Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Bookmark on Delicious […]

August 24, 2014

a prayer for those in greatest need

God of grace and God of glory, we pause this morning to offer you praise and thanks for the truly awesome creation we call home. We cannot begin to fathom love so deep that you would send you only son to make sure we remained in a perfect relationship with you. Thank you for such […]

August 17, 2014

a prayer for new vision

Thank you, O God, for the wonders of your creation. Thank you for the perfection of the world which your grace has provided for us. Thank you for your constant and sustaining presence in our lives. Yet, even as we praise you for your goodness and your mercy, we must ask your forgiveness, as well. […]

August 10, 2014

a prayer to end hunger

O God, we give thanks for the progress that has been made against hunger in your world. Grant strength and relief to all those who still struggle  to get enough to eat. Give courage and wisdom to our country’s leaders so that they might make ending hunger a national priority. And inspire us to fulfill […]

August 3, 2014

for those living with poverty and hunger

Here is a prayer by Mimi A. Simson from Santa Barbara, California in Lifting Women’s Voices: Prayers to Change the World, a collection of wonderful prayers written by women from around the world. For Those Living with Poverty and Hunger Our Loving Creator God, We bring before you this day the burden the whole world […]

July 20, 2014

forgive us

For the sin we have committed by ignoring the poor…. And for the sin we have committed by not respecting God’s image in every human being….  And for the sin we have committed by not allowing others to become what they could be…. And for the sin we have committed by keeping silent in the […]

July 17, 2014

living more gently

It’s been a long time since I’ve read Coleridge. How many of us first encountered him in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?  Written in 1798, the poem still has a truth we need to hear today. We are all connected in a beautiful web of life that includes everything, not just our human family. Remembering that […]