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a fixed star in the constitutional constellation

Worth remembering.

never, not even once…

#BLOTUS is speaking at the United Nations. That in itself is frightening. Even more frightening is the clear and present danger of a third world war that begins with two morons having a pissing contest.

no limit to political correctness

You can't purge what happened in the past. We are who we are America.

Sound familiar? Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it…what about those who intentionally erase it?

the Liar’s Liars

Obamacare isn't failing on its own: Insurance CO have no idea if Trump will pay for the subsidies, so they're pulling off some market places. "This is red alert”: inside the left's game plan for beating the GOP health bill:

I cannot imagine a more difficult, demeaning, dirty, demoralizing, disgusting job in all of politics than having to daily defend the biggest liar in the history of our nation. President Trump’s ress secretaries should be known as the “Liar’s Liars.”

this about sums it up…

But what he does have is greed, hatred, racism, bigotry, lies without number and a long red tie.