October: World Hunger Action Month

I arrived back at RDU late yesterday after 28 hours of travel. First, let me say that it’s definitely good to be back home. That’s especially true since I was basically gone the entire month of October, and will leave again in about two weeks.

But, October was an absolutely great month. I am tremendously proud of the powerful demonstration of compassion for the world’s hungry organized by the dedicated staff and volunteers of Stop Hunger Now. The entire month was committed to World Hunger Action, and we filled the month with meal packaging opportunities around the world.

Thousands of caring volunteers joined together across the United States to package high protien meals for the hungry. Those packaging in the US were joined by thousands more in Malaysia, hundreds more in South Africa and the Philippines, all working together to make a real differnce on behalf of the hungry.

October was World Hunger Action month. It could have just as easily be called  Love in Action Month. The entire month was just that, a powerfully moving demonstration of love in action.

Never doubt that we can end hunger in our lifetime. Stop Hunger Now is showing that people around the world do care for the world’s poor and hungry. We are demonstrationg the power of joining together to make significant and lasting change in our world.

Thanks for caring. And a special thanks for caring enough to act. Working together, we are helping end hunger in our lifetime. Somaliland 10 11 263Somaliland 10 11 358

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