the radical disparity is growing

In Agenda For A Biblical People, an early book by Jim Wallace, the founder of the Sojourners Community, Wallace writes that:

The divisions in the world today are less along the lines of ideology than they are along the lines of the powerful and powerless, rich and poor, strong and weak, those who benefit and those who are victimized. The scenario of our times is a growing conflict generated by the radical disparity between the rich and poor of the world.

Even though that book was first published in 1976, the words of Wallace hold true today. His prophetic stance points out some central concerns around the need for a fundamental redistribution of wealth. We will never have justice on a global scale until we address the growing divide between the obscenely rich and the abysmally poor.

People of faith need to realize that these are spiritual issues. Faithfulness in a world consumed by a thrist for wealth and power must address the need for lifestyles that reflect true community and just standards of living for all.