THE NEW YORKER has named Peter Singer one of the “100 most “influencial people in the world.” That is no small praise. He has also been called the world’s greatest living philosopher. A leading ethicist, he has authored over 20 books.

From my perspective, as limited as it admittedly is, Peter Singer is a voice of reason with a message that needs a far wider audience. Using rational argument and the power of pure ethics, Singer shows us how our response to world poverty and hunger is not only completely insufficient, but morally indefensible.

Singer knows that compassion is not enough to end the ravages of poverty. I am currently reading THE LIFE YOU CAN SAVE. In it Singer uses ethical arguments, case studies, and examples to demonstrate how each of us could help change the world forever.

The LIFE YOU CAN SAVE has been described by THE NEW YORK TIMES as “part rational argument, part stinging manifesto, part handbook.” I haven’t finished reading it yet, but I think THE TIMES has nailed it.

This is a “must read book” for all of us who are serious about our relationship with the least of these among us. It is one of those inspiring reads which will challenge how you think about what you give and do to help the poor. “Powerful and clarifying…Singer sets up a demanding ethical compass for human behavior.” states the SUNDAY STAR LEDGER


THE LIFE YOU CAN SAVE: How to DO Your Part to End World Poverty 
by Peter Singer

Random House Trade Paperback. 2010
ISBN 978–0–8129–8156–8