small decsions can change the world

Working together we can end hunger in our lifetime. Even as I write it, I realize I have repeated that simple phrase thousands of times. I repeat it because I recognize the power there is in all of us working together. It is truly power beyond our imagination.

But, “working together we can end hunger in our lifetime” is more than just a catchy tag line or an oft repeated mantra. It is a crucial strategy in the fight against the unspeakable horror of global hunger.

What none of us could hope to accomplish working alone is completely achievable when we all work together.Every single one of us can play a critical role in ending the obscenity of hunger. And all of us working together can make an impact large enough to change the world forever. This is the vision of Stop Hunger Now.

Making a life-saving diffference is simple. We just have to care enough to take action. We don’t have to make superhuman efforts or travel to far-flung lands. We just need to be aware that our daily decisions impact the lives of those in chronic hunger and poverty.

Let me give you an example taken from Peter Singer’s book, THE LIFE YOU CAN SAVE. In the preface, Dr. Singer writes that something as seemingly inconsequential as the water we choose to drink could help save a life. And he is right.

Most of us have perfectly safe tap water readily available 24 hours a day (an unimaginable luxury for most of our human family). Yet, how many of us make the conscious decision to buy bottled water costing over a dollar a bottle?

That small decision means we spend more on one unnecessary bottle of water than billions of people have to live on for an entire day. Their children die from lack of basic health care they cannot afford, and they are constantly stalked by hunger.

Just by making the simple (I would suggest “no brainer”) decision to drink free water, each of us could free up money that would save countless lives. Simple, isn’t it?

Working together we can end hunger in our lifetime. It’s all about the decisions we make. It’s all about caring.