one of the most important tasks humanity must address

I love it when friends share interesting articles and little personal stories with me about global hunger. It reminds me that the more we talk to one another about ending hunger, the more we learn, and hopefully, the more empowered we become to end hunger in our lifetime.

This morning is a good case in point. Bob Dixson, Stop Hunger Now’s CFO, brought me an article from this past Monday’s FINANCIAL TIMES. The article, “Why Food Security Comes First,” was written by Felipe Calderon, the President of Mexico.

Calderon wrote that his country, which is currently president of the G20, insisted that food security be raised to the top of the G20 agenda along with the restoration of economic growth and global financial reform.

He begins the article with the observation that the Arab Spring, now often referred to as the first “internet revolution,” was most likely prompted by the steeply rising food proces that made people far more desperate than usual.

The piece is well written and lists a number of positive action steps that needs to be undertaken. However, what the article will truly accomplish is questionable. What it most clearly demonstrates, as Bob remarked as he handed me the paper, is that President Calderone has a good speech writer.

That said, however, the article concludes with a powerful statement in which I am in full agreement.

That almost 1bn people in the world remain undernourished is unacceptable.

The time has come for food security to be considered one of the most important tasks humanity must address in the 21st  century…