a reminder from Jeremy Willet

When I began Stop Hunger Now in 1998 I did so with a few core values. These beliefs came in most part from my both my faith perspective and my eighteen years experience working in domestic hunger as co-director of the Society of St. Andrew. These values formed the philosophical foundation of Stop Hunger Now.

As I look back on the growth of Stop Hunger Now I realize how solid that foundation continues to be. This morning I had a conversation that illustrates my point.

I am here on Snake Mountain, holed up at my cabin working on my next book. Mornings from about 0630 to after 1200 are totally given over to feeding as many words into my laptop as it will eat. Suffice it to say, the little beast’s appetite exceeds my ability to keep it fed.

My routine was interrupted this morning by an unexpected, but totally delightful phone call from Jeremy Willet. Jeremy is the lead singer of the band, Willet. He recently traveled to Nicaragua with Chessney to see our wok there. Chessney told him the two of us needed to meet, so he called.

Jeremy and Willet have committed to help package a million Stop Hunger Now meals to help end hunger in our lifetime. They have already packaged over 200,000. That is no small thing. In fact, it is a true demonstration of God’s love in action.

And it all came about because when Jeremy and his band were beginning to work in hunger, but wanted to get more deeply involved, they asked Food for the Hungry what else they could do to make a difference for the hungry. Food for the Hungry has been a strategic partner of Stop Hunger Now since our inception. They told Jeremy Willet and his band to contact Stop Hunger Now.

Working in partnerships has been a core value since the inception of Stop Hunger Now. Working together is the only way we will end hunger in our lifetime. Jeremy Willet called me this morning just to remind me.

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