101 ways to help the hungry

Making a difference on behalf of the hungry is not difficult. Every one of us has the skills and abilities to help save hundreds and even thousands of lives threatened by hunger. And every one of us has the time to help, as well.

Only one question needs to be asked. Do we really want to help? If the answer is yes, there are literally hundreds of ways to be a part of the solution to world hunger.

I have compiled a simple list of 101 ways to get involved. There are probably 1001 ways.

The idea is to use the list as an easy way to to get started in helping. Use it as a springboard for brainstorming. Come up with more and better ideas. And please share them with me when you do.

From time to time I will share some of the 101 ways to help the hungry. They are not original, are in no particular order and are not prioritized. They are simply suggestions that can help save lives.

1. Collect pennies for the hungry.

One of the most wonderful men I ever knew was Ray Wahl of Federick, MD. He started collecting pennied for the hungry. Before his death he had raised over $20,000 to help feed hungry children. He also educated hundreds of family, friends and neighbors as he asked them to help him in his quest.

Do you have any pennies? Put twenty of them together and you can feed a hungry child a hot nutritious meal which will encourage her to come to school.