kudos to the San Jose Doubletree by Hilton

I left the house this morning at 0420 for the ride to the airport. My flight to Minneapolis boarded at 0545. The flight was only two and a half hours long. And I have to admit I dozed for most of it.

After a brief layover in Minneapolis I boarded the flight to San Jose. This flight had some heavy headwinds. That meant it took us three hours and fifty-seven minutes from takeoff to touchdown. At least I did get some work done while airborne.

What was nice when I arrived in San Jose was that Karen Noe, the Stop Hunger Now Community Development Director, called me even before I had deplaned. She was waiting in baggage claim. It’s always a treat when there is someone to meet you when you arrive in a unfamiliar city after a long flight.

We drove to the nearby Doubletree by Hilton for lunch and a meeting with one of their human resources staff who had helped organize last year’s 10,000 meal packaging event. Not only did all the local Doubletrees and Hiltons participate, the staff did all the fundraising for the event, as well.

The event was so successful and so much fun they are going to do it again this fall. Only this year they are going to triple their meal packaging goal to 30,000 meals.

What is impressive is not only the proactive stance taken on corporate social responsibility by the San Jose Doubletree by Hilton. The leadership displayed by their staff in organizing such an event demonstrates true leadership in the fight to end hunger. It was a great way to start the week of meetings and events here in California.

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    it must be nice to have enough money to catch a plane and fly somewhere. im sure you got to eat a nice meal there too. i wonder how many people could have been fed something, anything for the cost of that one plane ticket.
    what is so bad about all these organizations is the rules they put in place about who can get the food that is given away.
    there are so many of us that fall into cracks that the rules create.
    im a single mother, of one child, a diabetic child. a child that can die if she has to miss meals. yes i do work. long hard hours. i get up at 3 am and have to start work at 5 am. and its non stop all day. on my feet. 2 small breaks and lunch. ( LOL lunch?… its only lunch for those who can afford food.) i make min. wage and by the time they take my taxes out i have less than 200 dollars a week to pay my bills and buy enough food for my child. i eat a small amount,one meal, every other day. just enough to keep me alive. i cant afford to eat every day. if i do that means my child will die. i am facing some serious medical issues ( dr said possible lymphoma) but i cant afford insurance or anymore trips to the dr. much less treatment.
    because i work people dont think i need help. so like millions of others, i do without. by the way, did i mention that im 57 years old. not a spring chicken. im not able to get a better paying job because no one will hire me. im too old and with possible medical issues im a liability.
    now here is some food for thought. do you realize that “hunger pains” is REAL PAIN? it is. its just an empty feeling to start with. but within 24 hours it becomes like a fire in your stomach. because of the stomach acid eating away at an empty stomach.
    there is so many days that i actually look forward to death. (no im not suicidle) at least i wont be hungry anymore. i dont have to see others eating food and complaining because its not what they want. its so hard to walk by trash cans that is full of food that other people have tossed out because it didnt “hit the spot”, and not being able to grab that food just to stop the pain.
    you are probably asking why i dont qualify for free food? these programs only take into account the gross wages of the month before. THE MONTH BEFORE? how does that help me eat now? that money went to feed a child and pay power bills and rent and water and a phone bill. yes i do have to have a phone for my child who is home alone while i go to work. she has to be able to contact someone in an emergency. i have maybe 10 dollars a week for gas to go to work. ( here gas is now 3.39 a gal.)
    when you consider i only bring home maybe 150 a week and can only spend maybe 25 to 30 dollars a week on food for 2 people and one has to eat 3 times a day, you can see why i go hungry. now the next question…. if i can afford a computer and internet i can afford to eat. WRONG. my daughters school provides computers for each child . they dont use books. and its required that each child have internet so they can do home work. if they dont the dont pass. i dont want my daughter to fail in school because its her education that will determine if she will live like this her whole life or will be able to get a decent job that she can live with. yes i do sacrifice. i use glue guns at work to keep the soles on my shoes. being diabetic my daughter has to have decent shoes. i get my clothes through people who are looking for a way to get rid of their cast offs. and i am very grateful for them.
    so stop and think the next time you brag about catching a flight somewhere. how many meals would i be able to eat on that same money.

  2. Ray Buchanan Post author


    Thank you for your comment to this post. I appreciate your honesty and definitely understand your viewpoint.

    I am sorry if my post sounded as if I was bragging about my ability to fly. That was certainly not my intention.

    I have dedicated my entire adult life to help end the obscenity of hunger, both here in the US and around the world. I know the pain of hunger is real, regardless of where you live.

    My flights are not for pleasure, but to help create the movement to end hunger in our lifetime. That’s possible if those of who can will become active to make it happen.

    I wish you the best, and commend you for the sacrifices you are making to ensure your daughter gets the education she needs. You and your family are in my prayers.

    And again, thank you for your comment. It is a true reflection of the plight of far too many.

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