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As I was doing my morning check of TWITTER I came across several powerful remarks by Kofi Annan, the former General Secretary of the United Nations. His remarks were given at a youth conference and are right on target for anyone interested in changing the world. I want to focus on only one.

Where leaders fail to lead, the people can make them follow — the people can lead if there is enough noise, pressure and organization.

If we want a world without hunger in our lifetime we must make them follow. Our task is to make the leaders follow our understanding of a world without hunger, food for all, justice for all. Obviously, global leaders have not caught the vision of a world where no child is allowed to go hungry. So we must turn the leaders into followers.

We can make them follow by making noise. We must be the voice of the voiceless. We have to speak up and speak out for the poor and the hungry. We have to be their advocates if hunger is to be eliminated.

We can make them follow by putting pressure on them. Leaders, good leaders, listen. If we let them know we are serious, we won’t be silent, and we won’t go away, good leaders will pay attention to our concerns for the hungry.

We make them follow by being organized. This generation has the unbelievable networking power of social media. Organizing our efforts on behalf of the least of these among us is absolutely essential in achieving our goal of ending hunger in our lifetime.

Working together we can make them follow. We can lead the leaders to where we know our world should be. We can change the world. We just need to make them follow.

3 thoughts on “make them follow

  1. Lee,YoungHo

    I Want doing it whith you.
    I am Rotary international D-3620 korea PDG/DRFC so that I can advice for whith our progrem to doing.
    But how to doing for you?
    Please give me your phone nomber?

    CP : 82-10-5422-8024


  2. Ray Buchanan Post author

    Thank you for your interest in helping end hunger in our lifetime. Rotary has played a big role in helping my organization, Stop Hunger Now, packaging meals for hungry school children. Rotary groups throughout the US as well as in Malaysia, Philippines and South Africa are now involved. I am also a Rotarian, and would love to discuss ways to get Rotarians in South Korea working to end hunger in our lifetime. Thanks for including your number. I will call you.

  3. Lee Warren

    Mr. Lee, so good to hear from you! I have fond memories of the GSE team visiting Rotary District 7600. I hope to hear you will be in Lisbon where we will be exhibiting as well presenting at two breakout sessions.

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