a “must read” for nonprofit leaders

Right before I left for a little time off I had begun reading a fascinating book by by Dan Pallotta. I accidentally left it at home, so I am just now getting back into it.

The book is CHARITY CASE: How the Nonprofit Community Can Stand Up for Itself and Really Change the World. It is Pallota’s second. His first was UNCHARITABLE.

Both of his books are focused on how charity actually undermines the humanitarian causes about which we are passionate. Pallota makes a strong case that our rigid and religiously-based ideas about charity are both dysfunctional and counter-productive in today’s society. And although I haven’t finished either book, I feel he has a lot of things right. Pallota’s thesis is

We have the opportunity to eradicate the most hideous forms of human suffering in our lifetime. It is a possibility no generation before us has ever known. Hundreds of years ago, charity was about neighbor-to-neighbor assistance. We have a larger opportunity today. And the code for our ancestors’ compassion will not suffice for our generation’s dreams.

Pallota’s views are radical, but they make sense. I heartily recommend this book for anyone interested in nonprofit work.  I also think CHARITY CASE should be a “must read” for every nonprofit CEO and every nonprofit board member. His innovative approach to thinking about charity and fundraising is sensible and even profound.

I wish I had this book 35 years ago when I first began my hunger work. It is a true game changer.
















This book is a game changer.

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  1. Dennis Barnard

    His comment is very powerful, makes you think beyond your nose.

    I am buying the book today, thank you for sharing.

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