101 ways to help the hungry #2

All of us can make a difference on behalf of the hungry. Every one of us can help. And when each of us does even a little to help, it adds up to far more than we can imagine.


In an earlier post (“101 Ways to help the hungry”  2/21/08) I discussed how even collecting pennies could add up to a significant contribution for helping feed the hungry. It’s a theme that is worth repeating. We can change the world by taking small actions right where we are.


After a presentation at a university I was once asked if I really thought one person could make a difference. The student pointed out that the problem of hunger was too immense for a single student to impact.


My response was to answer his question with one of my own. “Have you ever tried to sleep when there was a single mosquito present?” 


Everyone laughed, but the underlying point was clear. It is not the size of our efforts that matters. It is the persistence with which we tackle the issue. Hunger can be eliminated. We just need to make sure we continue to do all we can to make a difference.


Collecting pennies is one of a 101 ways to help the hungry. A second idea follows.


  1. Collect pennies for the hungry
  2. Start a library of books & articles about hunger and poverty


Starting a collection of books, articles and other resources on hunger is not only a wonderful way to keep yourself educated and up to date on the issue, but also provides a great resource for others. Such a hunger resource center allows you to help spread the word to family, friends and members of your religious group or social clubs.


Starting a library of hunger resources allows you to actively share your concern for the poor and hungry with those around you. You then become a leader in the fight to end hunger.