ending hunger is a lifestyle issue


I have often stated my firm belief that we can end hunger in our lifetime. And just as often I have provided reason and rationale for that belief. This morning I will do so yet again.

All it would take to eradicate the scourge of hunger forever is for people of faith to live out the teachings of those they profess to follow. Ending hunger is simply a matter of people of faith adopting lifestyles of faithfulness.

All the world’s great religions teach the same core values of love, compassion, and justice. The Golden Rule is a major tenet of all the world’s great faiths. And if those of us who profess even a modicum of spirituality would live according to the tenet of the Golden Rule we would soon have a world where hunger was nothing but an ugly memory. Hunger is a lifestyle issue.

In my book, Getting Off Our Buts: Making Mission Happen, I put it this way:

People are hungry because they are poor. The poor are powerless. They are powerless because we have no sense of community. Regardless of what we say, we do not feel or act as if we belong to one human family.

If we acted as if we belonged to one family we would not allow one child–much less 25,000 of our family–to suffer and die unnecessarily from hunger every single day.

We can end hunger in our lifetime. We just need to match the way we live with what we say we believe. Once we begin loving each other as we love ourselves we will end hunger forever simply by being the people we want to be.