101 ways to help the hungry #4

I have listed and discussed three small but meaningful ways to help the hungry in previous posts. This will be number four.

The first three ways I listed to help the hungry are:

1. Collect pennies for the hungry
2. Start a resource library on hunger
3. Contribute to UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Education Fund)

Another simple project to help the hungry is to collect used books. Canvas your family and friends for books. Everyone has books they no longer want. You will be doing them a favor by taking the books off their hands. Be sure you tell them you want the books to use for helping the hungry.

Once you have collected a good stack of books, set up a sale rack in your church, synagogue, temple or mosque. Use the profits from the used book sales rack for hunger projects.

Everyone loves a bargin,  and with the price of books getting more expensive all the time, used books are a good deal.  Selling used books is an easy way to provide a useful service while making a difference on behalf of the hungry.

If you make sure that the congregation knows the proceeds from the used book sales are all going to help the hungry you will not only have numerous opportunities to talk about why you care about the needs of the hungry, you will also find out that there wll be many others who are will donate used books or help in other ways.

A small basket or other container for loose change or other donations will encourage all those passing the used book rack to donate to your hunger projects, even if they do not want to buy any books.