make us aware


Make us aware of how much we, at times, benefit from the oppression of others. We seek our bargains at department stores without ever asking if those bargains were made possible by children laboring for a pittance in some dingy sweat shop, or by some women working for starvation wages in a Third World country.

Lord, help us realize that the beef we eat may have been raised on land that was once a rain forest home for natives in Brazil or Belize; and that the fruit we eat may have been grown on land in a Third World nation where people needed the land to grow food for themselves and for their children.

Lord, help us to acknowledge that the good life is often ours because the poor of the world are exploited…. And then show us what to do to make things right so that such injustice is vanquished and your shalom is everywhere.


A prayer from Tony Campolo from for they shall be fed edited by Ronald J. Sider.

2 thoughts on “make us aware

  1. Ray Buchanan Post author

    Thanks. Sometimes we forget that we are all connected. This prayer is a good reminder that everything we do has a larger impact than we might imagine. We need to live as one family, and that means taking care of one another, not taking advantage of one another.

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