world’s worst WMD

I continue to be amazed at the silence and complicity of people of faith in allowing the human family to be ravished by the world’s worst WMD.


“Hunger is actually the worst weapon of mass destruction. It claims millions of victims each year.”


                                Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

                                President of Brazil


Few of us are so unaware of politics and world events that we don’t know that President Bush claimed that the preemptive invasion of Iraq was necessary to rid the world (and especially our country)  of the threat of weapons of mass destruction.

No such weapons were found. And yet, years later, the war in Iraq still grinds on, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


The cost is human lives and suffering is incalculable, and the financial cost is incomprehensible to any normal citizen. Yet, for the majority of of us, we do nothing, and say less concerning such a horrific waste and misplaced priorities .


At times like I truly believe silence is not golden. It is yellow…an ugly repulsive shade of yellow.


Today, 25,000 of my brothers and sisters died from a WMD. Most of them died after suffering a slow and agonizing death. The same will happen tomorrow and the day after and day after and the day after. I don’t care when you read this blog post. The facts will not change.


There truly is a “smoking gun.” It is called hunger.


While the United States annually spends billions of dollars on an immoral and illegal war, we could be really ridding the world of its worst WMD. And we wouldn’t have to count body bags to get it done.