a long and lonely hunt

I do not know John Taylor Gatto. Recently, however, I came across a quote on prayer attributed to him that resonates with me. It is a fitting reflection as we begin the new year. I would love to know what you think of Gatto’s words.

I pray for strength to accept that lives most often end in tragedy, that quests don’t always work, that understanding is a long and lonely hunt, that I can’t reason my way to love, eat gold, or live forever. And that none of this matters. I pray to understand that I am here to find my way back to God, whatever that takes, and all the rest, save love and duty, is an illusion.


2 thoughts on “a long and lonely hunt

  1. Debbie Thompson

    You would not hardly believe how close this prayer is to the New Year’s Day prayer I prayed before my husband and I ate dinner last evening.

  2. Ray Buchanan Post author

    Thanks. When I came across this prayer I knew it had to be shared. It was a reflection of many of my own thoughts and feelings. Really appreciate the comment. Have a most blessed year.

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