silence isn’t always golden

"Your silence gives consent." - Plato - Speak up and give truth, justice, and compassion, a voice.

I once heard it said that “Silence isn’t golden. It’s just yellow.” I think Plato would agree.

We are confronted almost daily with situations that are questionable at best, and morally ugly at worst. And our silence gives consent.

There are times when our silence gives tacit permission, even encouragement, to those whose actions are wrong by any measure we might choose. Our silence makes us complicit.

We need to stop being afraid to speak out when we disagree, especially when it comes to matters of injustice and gross immorality. We need to speak up and let those around us know how we feel. Otherwise, we are no better than those with whose words and actions we disagree. Actually, we are even worse. We have given our consent.