a better distribution of wealth

I am not sure about democratic socialism. The sound of that is enough to cause me pause. History has taught us that socialism is a term and political system we all must fear.

But, I have no problem agreeing with both Dr. King and the Honorable Mr. Sanders. They are absolutely correct in calling for a better distribution of wealth for all of God’s children.

Income inequality in our country continues to grow, and the ever-widening chasm between the obscenely rich and the desperately poor is the most dangerous divide our nation faces. This is a clear and present danger that is actually far more frightening than the term socialism.

2 thoughts on “a better distribution of wealth

  1. Joe Allred

    It seems to me that nothing should be more obvious than what is said here. But we are blinded by the myths in our culture that shroud these inequalities. These myths are not new They have been around for centuries as the basis for caste systems and other forms of social dystopias.

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