101 ways to help the hungry #5

I had originally intended to put regular installments of 101 Ways to Help the Hungry. But, like some many other good intentions, that hasn’t happened.

When I first began posting to the blog I was concerned I might not have enough “new and original” material to keep a blog active. 101 Ways to Help the Hungry was my insurance policy to help fill any gaps if I ran out of material. Well, nearly two years later, I know that my real difficulty is not a lack of material but far too much good material for which I do not have room or time with which to properly post.

Now, I realize that I need to work to make sure I keep up with 101 Ways to Help the Hungry. That means that I will post one every couple of weeks or every month. This month’s way to help the hungry takes some organization and some teamwork.

All of us enjoy the many church dinners and other organizational meals in which we take part. Some are far better than others, for sure, but every church dinner we attend is yet another great opportunity to help make a difference in a hungry and hurting world.

Number 5 in the 101 ways to help the hungry is to arrange for all the leftovers to be taken to local soup kitchens and homeless shelters instead of being carted back home.

Not only will the recipients get a nourishing meal, they will get something else, a meal that has already been blessed with love and fellowship, and a meal that is truly “home cooked.”

An added blessing for you would be to help serve the meals and visit with those enjoying the meal. Conversations around the table with those needing help can often be life-changing for all involved.