the #BLOTUS Boy Scout speech: blood-chilling

Photo published for Trump's 'Embarrassing Spectacle' At Boy Scout Jamboree Panned By Former Scouts

The video clips of yesterday’s speech to the Boy Scouts offer another clear demonstration of why all of us need to oppose this president and his lack of basic decency. The #BLOTUS did not try to inspire these young minds. Instead he demonized his 2016 defeated presidential opponent, and even had them booing her. And he loved every second of it.

I don’t give a damn what you think of Hillary. Allowing the President of the United States to stand in front of a massive United States flag while brainwashing young boys into taunting political rivals brings up images of Adolf Hitler in front of crowds of Nazi Youth.

The image far more than just vividly eerie. It’s blood-chilling.


2 thoughts on “the #BLOTUS Boy Scout speech: blood-chilling

  1. Joe Allred

    I agree completely. As an Eagle Scout I adamantly am opposed to this violation of the occasion and the disloyalty of the president to the principles of American democracy.

  2. Ray Buchanan Post author

    Thanks, Joe. Really appreciate your comments. It’s definitely time to speak out. I never made it to Eagle, but I know this is not what the Boy Scouts stand for, or should be subjected to.

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