a short primer for the Church

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Not the Ten Commandments, for sure, but this is still a nice concise primer on a subject with which theĀ  the church continues to struggle. Perfect love casts out fear. The church’s fear of homosexuality is a perfect illustration of this. We all need more love and less fear.

2 thoughts on “a short primer for the Church

  1. Hugh Stone

    Thanks for posting a short primer for the church on homosexuality. I wish more United Methodists agreed.

  2. Ray Buchanan Post author

    Thanks for the note. Jesus never preached or taught about homosexuality (at least if he did it isn’t isn’t in any of the gospels). However, He constantly taught about love and demonstrating our discipleship by our loving each other. That is good enough for me…haven’t got that right yet so still have plenty to keep me busy.

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