in total agreement on this

Impeach Trump then hang him for TREASON he's no better than Benedict Aronald.

His policy…his guilt.

And every member of the administration or congress supporting or enforcing Trump’s racist, immoral policies need to be charged right along with the Predator-in-Chief.

2 thoughts on “in total agreement on this

  1. Anne

    past tense: interred; past participle: interred
    place (a corpse) in a grave or tomb, typically with funeral rites.
    “he was interred with the military honors due to him”

    past tense: interned; past participle: interned
    confine (someone) as a prisoner, especially for political or military reasons.
    synonyms: confine, detain, hold (captive), lock up, imprison, incarcerate, impound, jail; informalput away
    “the refugees were interned in camps”

  2. Ray Buchanan Post author

    You are absolutely, 100% correct. I apologize for the typo.
    The correct word is interned. Spell Check missed it and so did I.

    The message, however, is still clear. If even one immigrant child dies in U.S. custody while separated from his or her parents, Trump needs to be tried for crimes against humanity.

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