no excuse

We live in a world so blessed that there’s far more than enough food to provide ample sustenace for every member of our human family. As a Christian, I believe that is because the world was created perfectly. Of course there is enough food for everyone.

 Therefore, I totally agree with Muhammed Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner and creator of the Grameen Bank.

“In the twenty-first century, the world has no excuse for tolerating the existence of a billion people going without food.”

When are we who have enough going to move beyond compassion and begin to understand that ending hunger is not about charity? Ending hunger is an issue of justice.

We have had the knowledge necessary to end global hunger for more than forty years. We have also had all the necessary tools and resources to eradicate the suffering of hunger forever. Yet nearly six million (that’s 6,000,000) children will die this year from hunger, malnutrition and related diseases.

When are we going to realize that walking with God means walking with the poor and hungry? When are we going to wake up to the reality that our lack of action is allowing 25,000 of our family to die today?

Compassion is not enough. We have to turn that compassion into action. We must wake up and realize we hold the fate of the hungry in our hands.

I started Stop Hunger Now with a vision of a world without hunger. That vision continues to drive me. I know there is no excuse for tolerating hunger.

Please become a part of the movement. Working together, we can make it happen. We can achieve a world without hunger.