the evolution of ethics

The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of solidarity with other human beings.

                                                                                   Albert Schweitzer

This powerful statement by Albert Schweitzer is at the heart of all that Stop Hunger Now is and does. Everything we do comes from our understanding that all of us on this beautiful planet share a commonality that reaches far deeper and is more lasting than anything that could possibly separate us.

We are all, truly and forever, but a single family. It is to our everlasting shame and the growing detriment of each of us and our suffering enviroment that we do not understand this more clearly, accept it more fully, and embrace it more passionionately.

Our lack of solidary as a global human family is a moral failure of the first magnitude, and is singularly the cause of far more unnecessary suffering than any other failure of which I am aware. Nothing else comes close.

I pray for the day when our ethical understanding begins to evolve at a pace that will allow us to survive as one human family. Until we reach that stage in our growth we have no lasting hope of survival as a species.