propagating the faith

Earlier this afternoon as I was doing some research for the book I am currently writing, I came across an old brochure from the SOCIETY OF ST ANDREW, a domestic hunger ministry which I had the privilege of co-founding in 1979. Looking at the brochure brought back intense and poignant memories.

But, what struck me as reread that brochure is that the vision we held as a Christian community in 1979 is the same vision that insires me today, over thirty years later. Much of the brochure is given to defining the hunger needs in the world, and then calling for contemporary Christians to adopt lifestyles more in keeping with the values we profess.

I believed that was needed then. And I believe it is even more critical now. Until we begin living out the true values of our faith we are simply playing games, and unfortunately, it is the least of these among us who are the biggest losers.

I want to leave you with a profound thought, actually a quote from the SOSA brochure. The quote wasn’t penned by a Christian, but it could not be more to the point.

In my judgment the Christian faith does not lend itself to much preaching or talking. It is best propagated by living it and applying it…When will you Christians really crown Jesus Christ as the Prince of Peace and proclaim H through your deed as the champion of the poor and oppressed?

Mahatma Gandhi