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the true collaspe

Which is bigger, the size of Trump’s lies or the length of his ties?

In the seven decades I have been around, there’s been no man that has created so much mayhem so rapidly, and has lied so consistently. The United States is under attack from its own president. The #BLOTUS is toxic, pure and simple.

The Affordable Care Act definitely needs work. But, it isn’t collapsing so much as being intentionally destroyed by a tiny little man with a tiny little head and even smaller, hate-filled heart.

snappy slogans don’t pay the bills

If the studies are correct, the Affordable Care Act is working. Repealing it and replacing it with the #BLOTUS backed bill would take away medical insurance for over 21,000,000 of our fellow citizens. Of course, it will mean even more profits for the wealthy. That makes it the right thing to do, right?