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at its core

Just in case you were wondering, Dan Glickman set the record straight in his May Day presentation.

“Food production in this country is a complicated and important endeavor comprised of a set of issues and debates that span trade, environment, insurance, finance and beyond. But at its core, agriculture policy is about making sure that people, in the United States and abroad, can grow or afford enough nutritious food for themselves and their families.” Dan Glickman, May 1, 2014

Since we have over 35 million Americans who are food insecure in the United States, and 25,000 dying every day of hunger and hunger related causes around the world. I cannot but wonder why we continue with a policy that is obviously so flawed. If the agricultural policy is really about making sure everyone can grow or afford nutritious food someone is failing to do their job.

Something is totally messed up “at its core.” Just one question: Who is accountable?