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why the Stop Hunger Now headquarters moved to Raleigh

In the Fall of 1998 I moved the then fledging Stop Hunger Now offices from Bedford, Virginia to Raleigh, North Carolina. Last night I was again reminded just why I decided to make that move.

I was scheduled to fly out of the Lynchburg Regional Airport at 5:45. There’s only one airline (which shall remain nameless, although US is in the name as is Airlines). And that airline only flies to one location: Charlotte, North Carolina.

Before I left my house for the airport, I got a text message from the airlines. Due to late crew arrival, the flight to Charlotte would be delayed until 6:15. A second text soon followed: the flight would not leave until 6:48.

On my way to the airport a third text notified me the flight would depart at 7:30. Since the flight from Lynchburg to Charlotte is about an hour and five minutes or so, it was at this point I became concerned. My connecting flight to Salt Lake City was scheduled to depart from Charlotte at 8:20.

Maybe I should mention it was the last flight to Salt Lake City for the evening. It was going to be close.

No it wasn’t . The fourth and final text came as I was a mile from the airport. The Charlotte flight was now scheduled to leave Lynchburg at 8:00pm.

Arriving at the airport, I explained the obvious problem to the ticket agent. I have to admit he tried to make it better. He honestly tried. None of his solutions worked, but he tried.

I could spent the night in Charlotte and take a flight out to Salt Lake City today. But, the only US Airways flight would not get me here until 6:30 in the evening. My presentation to Goldman Sachs was scheduled for 3pm. No other routing would work, either.

So, it was scramble time. n the end, I had the privilege of a three hour drive down to Raleigh last night so I could catch a 7:30 flight out here to Salt Lake City this morning.

I am here. And I am ready for my presentation. But it is never easy.

The Stop Hunger Now headquarters are in Raleigh. And over 15 years after I made that move , I got a little reminder of just what prompted it. I just had to be closer to a real airport.