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if you are not outraged…

I am not sure that Thurber’s quote is entirely appropriate for the situation in which we now find ourselves. Looking around with any degree of true awareness, fear and anger will almost certainly be two of the first emotions that come to mind.

I once had a bumper sticker that read, “IF YOU ARE NOT OUTRAGED YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION! Sadly, it has gone the way of all old bumper stickers.

How I wish I had that bumper sticker now. Never has it been more relevant.

I am paying attention. And I am outraged. I am disgusted with the lies and the slander and all the deceit in the current Presidential campaign. But, I am more outraged that all of us who so loudly proclaim to live by Christian values don’t.

I am tired of all of us who play church, but do not live in love, who refuse to be peacemakers, and who really worship at the altars of wealth and power. When I look around in awareness I am saddened to realize that we actually have the government and the leaders we deserve.

a vast forest of kindness

The ripple effect

I love the bumper sticker that reads “PRACTICE RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS.”  It’s not as popular as it once was, so I don’t see it as much as I once did. But I believe the message is still worthy.

Little acts of kindness are simple gestures of love that make us all more human. Every kind deed is another point of positive contact that strengthens our bonds as a global family.

Wouldn’t the world be a far gentler and more beautiful place if we could live in a vast forest of kindness trees? Will you join me in throwing out new roots of kindness today?

Every act of kindness throws out roots in all directions. Working together we can create a vast forest of kindness.