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for true covfefe lovers

The sheer ignorance of #BLOTUS is unmatched…except possibly by his arrogance. Of course, his total lack of morality, or even the size of his ego has to be also considered.

It’s no wonder the North Korean president calls him a dotard. It’s far more polite than what I call him.

“Confused, Christ is,”

I do not normally associate the comedian, Lenny Bruce, with theological discourse. Yet the following quote is as a serious a theological statement as you are going to find.

Christ and Moses standing in the back of Saint Pat’s, looking around.  Confused, Christ is, at the grandeur of the interior, the baroque interior, the rococo baroque interior.  Because his route took him through Spanish Harlem and he is wondering what the hell fifty Puerto Ricans were doing living in one room when that stained-glass window is worth ten G’s a square foot. – Lenny Bruce

If Christ is confused at the opulence of Saint Patrick’s, what must he think of a Church which does little or nothing to bring his love into that one room apartment?

Nothing is more spiritual than our response to the cries of the poor and hungry. And as the theologian, Lenny Bruce, points out, sometimes our response must be confusing as hell to the one we claim to follow.