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to everything there is a season…

I was hoping to spend this week writing. Such, however, is not to be the case. Once again, events beyond my control seem to be transpiring against me.

In my younger days I would have been railing against fate and venting my frustration on anyone close enough to hear me. Maturity, or at least advanced age, has mellowed me. I am no less frustrated, but now a long sigh is about all the venting I have energy for at this point.

The writing is important, but being with my family, especially in times of stress and trouble, is far more important. To everything there is a season according to Solomon. And for now it’s definitely the time to be with those loved ones whose need is immediate.

The time for writing will come. For now, however, I will just go with the flow. So now it’s time to leave Snake Mountain and head back up to be with my daughter and her family in Virginia. The writing can wait. My daughter and grandchildren come first.