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a bigger slice of the pie, please

This chart is a good approximation of how our tax dollars are spent. One correction that needs to be made, however, is to add the Veterans’ Benefits into the Military Spending category.

The cost of caring for our Veterans is definitely a part of our Military expenses, and we need to calculate it as such. Doing so would mean that Military spending actually accounts for over 61% of our nation’s budget.

This number is far too high, and is just one more illustration of the misplaced values we hold. Our Military Spending is higher than the next five countries in the world combined. This is excessive to the point of being immoral. And this is especially shameful when one out of eight children in our country go hungry on a regular basis.

We need to cut our military spend to a maximum of 50% of the federal budget. That 11% savings could then go to eradicate hunger in our country with plenty left over to help restore  our crumbling infrastructure and provide a higher quality education system.

clear priorities

I understand we have to defend our country and protect all our good stuff…but wouldn’t you think that a nation with Christian values could at least make an honest effort at demonstrating the justice for all we so loudly proclaim?

Am I the only one who thinks we could lower our defense spending by $30 Billion or so, end world hunger, and still feel pretty confident we have all the security we need?