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150 million hungry would say “Thank You!”

Women’s rights and gender equality are facets of global hunger and malnutrition. In Sub-Saharan Africa there are nations where women and girls compose 90% of the agricultural labor force.

Without access to credit and inputs their productivity if far less than if they were allowed to have the same access to necessary resource as me. Women are the key to ending hunger in our lifetime. We need to support efforts that provide them opportunities to help make it happen.

spending our way to Hell

Starvation is the characteristic of some people not having enough food to eat. It is not the characteristic of there not being enough food to eat.Amartya Sen

We know there is enough food in the world to feed everyone. We do not need to produce more food to end hunger in our lifetime. All that is necessary to end hunger is simply better distribution  of the food already being produced.

Achieving better distribution is currently hindered by the immorality of those of us with the power to stand up for the hungry and undernourished of world. The lack of true global community which arises from our superficial and spurious spirituality is directly related to the unnecessary deaths of 25,000 of our sisters and brothers every single day.

This generation has the awesome opportunity to end hunger in our lifetime, yet we are too morally bankrupt to even care. We are far to busy mindlessly spending our way to Hell.


at its core

Just in case you were wondering, Dan Glickman set the record straight in his May Day presentation.

“Food production in this country is a complicated and important endeavor comprised of a set of issues and debates that span trade, environment, insurance, finance and beyond. But at its core, agriculture policy is about making sure that people, in the United States and abroad, can grow or afford enough nutritious food for themselves and their families.” Dan Glickman, May 1, 2014

Since we have over 35 million Americans who are food insecure in the United States, and 25,000 dying every day of hunger and hunger related causes around the world. I cannot but wonder why we continue with a policy that is obviously so flawed. If the agricultural policy is really about making sure everyone can grow or afford nutritious food someone is failing to do their job.

Something is totally messed up “at its core.” Just one question: Who is accountable?