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Protesting Injustice

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Something t.he Church should be doing… basic morality calls for each of us to stand up on behalf of the poor, hungry, outcast, marginalized and mistreated. The protesting NFL players are using their highly visible platform to demonstrate to all the rest of us that we have no excuse not to get involved in ending injustice.

bend it like Beckham

I am still in Raleigh for meetings and to help train new Stop Hunger Now international affiliate directors. After living here for over 15 years it feels strange to be staying in a hotel.

It does change my perspective, and my habits, like getting to read the paper during breakfast. Yesterday I read this brief sports clip in USA TODAY:

“Everything I have done, my football career, my family, has led me to this point—This is the moment for me to do what I can to help children in every corner of the world. This is something I want my own children to be proud of.”

Soccer legend and United Nations Children’s Fund goodwill ambassador David Beckham, say he hopes to raise millions of dollars to help end violence against and poverty for children.

My hope is that Mr. Beckham will have as great a success in raising funds and awareness for poor children as he did during his illustrious football career. May his efforts on behalf of poor children be an even greater legacy for his own children than his sports career.

And while all of us cannot command the attention of a sports icon, every single one of us can make a difference on behalf of poor and hungry children. We need to remember than nothing we do is too small to make a difference on behalf of the hungry.

So let’s get in the game. Let’s “bend it like Beckham,” and do all we can to help children in every corner of the world.