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Lord of the Lies


The #BLOTUS, our Liar-in-Chief, is a racist, Putin Wannabe, or he is a victim of blackmail. Either way, he needs to be impeached yesterday. Most crime families end up in prison. Should this one be any different?

a failing grade

The test of the morality of a society is how it treats its children.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The test scores are coming in. And they show we have not only failed, but failed miserably.

We have not studied enough. We have not prepared, and we certainly haven’t paid attention in class. And so, we are failing this test even as we are failing the children of our world.

Our society hasn’t given up on our children, but even a cursory examination shows the obvious mistreatment of those who will come after us. We have sinned by omission and we have sinned by commission in regards to children.

We have ignored the studies and reports of increasing child hunger in our own country and have turned a blind eye to the millions of malnourished and hungry children in other lands.

We have allowed our education system to decline and have become deaf to the cries of those calling for increased funding to maintain a solid educational infrastructure.

Not doing the right thing is as bad as doing that which is wrong. Both are a indication of our morality. In regards to our children, we have failed the test.