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“go as far as you can see”

Here is a small quote to help us begin another year of full of great achievements and wonderful accomplishments.


Thomas Carlyle was a 19th century Scottish essayist, historian and satirical writer. Born on December 4, 1795, in Galloway, Scotland, Carlyle studied at the University of Edinburgh and later became an essayist. In the mid-1830s, he published Sartor Resartus, and when he released The French Revolution in 1837, he became a prominent writer of his day. Carlyle died on February 5, 1881, in London, England.

Carlyle’s quote is perfect for all of us attempting great and difficult things, whether it’s getting through the trials of the day or changing the world forever. Whenever we are tempted to give up all we need to do is remember these powerful words of Carlyle. We do not have to see the end of our journey.

Every step we take in the direction of our goals will provide sufficient light for yet another step. It truly is one step at a time, The secret is just to keep walking.