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if any man is hungry

If any man is hungry, this is both a religious and a political concern, and out of a religious concern for one created in God’s image, political means must be devised for ensuring that everyone gets enough bread — which is a suitable definition of the art of politics. —  Robert McAfee Brown The Spirit of Protestantism 1961

Brown writes that hunger is a religious concern. I think it if far more a spiritual concern. How we deal with hunger determines the depth of our discipleship and is a real indicator of just how vital our spirituality actually is. If there is no real care, compassion and ministry with those of our family lacking their daily bread, then our spirituality must be treated as suspect and is superficial at best, and at worst, a total sham.

However, Brown is absolutely correct that we must ensure the political will to empower the poor and hungry with the basic right to provide themselves food. The lack of political will  among global leaders to seriously address ending hunger is one of the single greatest obstacles to ending hunger in our lifetime.


forgive us

For the sin we have committed by ignoring the poor….

And for the sin we have committed by not respecting God’s image in every human being….

 And for the sin we have committed by not allowing others to become what they could be….

And for the sin we have committed by keeping silent in the face of evil….

For all these sins, O God of forgiveness, forgive us, pardon us, and grant us atonement.

Robert Hammer, Jack Riemer, and Jules Harlow in Yearnings: Prayer and Meditation for the Days of Awe published in 1968