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not just a dreamer

I’m not just a dreamer. I am a hopeaholic.” — Gloria Steinem

What a great quote. My first thought on seeing it was that someone has been reading my mail. I freely admit that I too am a proud charter member of hopeaholics anonymous.

I believe in hope. I live in hope. Hope is a way of life that makes the difficult easier and the impossible possible.

I am a hopeaholic because hope is so closely connected to faith, and to be totally honest, I am also a card-carrying faithaholic, as well.

Like Ms Steinem, I am not just a dreamer. I have an unshakable hope in the possibility of good, and an even deeper faith in the grace and mercy of a loving Creator.

I have experienced God’s faithfulness enough to know I can depend on it. That’s why I know we can end hunger in our lifetime.

God ‘s love and mercy is everlasting, and I have the faith to believe that love and mercy will bring us to a day where there will be true justice. There will come a day when no child will have to cry themselves to sleep from the pain of an empty belly, or live stunted lives from lack of proper nourishment.

I live for that day.

But, I am not just a dreamer. I will not stop working to achieve that  day. What keeps me going is the hope and the faith that we can turn that vision into a reality.