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hollowed out by greed…

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Sam Harris has nailed it. How can anyone find the lying pig of a president credible, much less persuasive? His greed has gutted is soul, leaving nothing of value, and very little that’s even remotely human.

it would seem to go without saying…

Not the personality traits of a good human being:

It goes without saying that most good people don’t have a dozens of sexual assault claims against them, or over 2,500 lawsuits, or even a single accusation of rape of a minor. But then, most good human beings are not self-avowed sexual predators or pathological liars, either.

becoming more human

Viktor Frankl Quote-- Author of man's search for meaning:

Jesus said that we were to love one another more than we love ourselves. He also said we were to love each other even as He loved us.

This is the kind of love Frankl is describing, a lifestyle of service and love for those around us. Such self-transcendence is not only the path toward self-actualization, it is also the path to true and lasting joy.