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harder than you think, but well worth the effort

Wouldn’t our world be a far better place for all our family if we could be consistently working toward such a simple goal? The ripples of grace and justice each of us could create would have an impact far beyond our imagination.

never forget, always remember

Here is a simple concept with a powerful potential to change the world. If more of us could take this to heart we would have a larger impact than we could ever imagine.

opportunities abound

Women in the Military:

There are no simple solutions to overcoming the growing violence, hatred and bigotry that infects our world. Yet, each of us has the capacity to resist being pulled down into such an ugly inhumane and dangerous mindset.

We are surrounded with opportunities to make a real difference in the world. Every single one of us can reach out and impact someone in need of care and compassion.

Will that end the violence and and hatred in the world. No. But, it will keep us human, And it will change the life of the one we have befriended. And that’s a start.

on the road to South Sudan

Tomorrow I will drive down to Raleigh on the first leg of my trip to South Sudan. The afternoon will be spent at the Stop Hunger Now office and gathering last minute supplies for my time in South Sudan.

Then on Wednesday I will meet the rest of the VIM team at RDU to begin our flights. We fly from Raleigh to Atlanta where we will meet the final person on our team. From Atlanta we will fly to Amsterdam where will have about a 4 hour layover before our flight to Entebbe, Uganda.

We will spend one night in Entebbe before catching our flight into Yei, South Sudan. If all goes accord to plan we will arrive in Yei on Friday.

Then the fun begins. Every day the team is in South Sudan has been planned so that we might have the maximum impact. It’s going to be an exciting trip, with the potential to accomplish an amazing amount of solid work that will have huge long-term results.

More to follow so stay tuned.

South Sudan’s hunger crisis

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Even though South Sudan’s hunger crisis isn’t making the headlines it is terribly real. Today I am at Lake Junaluska in the mountains of North Carolina having meetings  with United Methodist leaders from the Holston Conference about our common ministry in this embattled country.

Our hope is to partner in our efforts to increase our impact. We all realize that working together accomplishes far more than working alone. In today’s meetings we will explore ways to connect and serve even more of those in need.

STOP HUNGER NOW is completing another year of service to the poor and hungry of the world. The following are a few highlights of the year taken from a recent email to our friends and supporters.

Everything we accomplished was due to the efforts of the growing movement to end hunger in our lifetime. Thanks for all you have done to help make hunger just a memory. Working together we are making a real difference in the life of millions of our brothers and sisters.

Please continue your commitment to walk along side those most in need during the upcoming year. Please continue to be a leader in the fight to end the obscenity of hunger in a world of plenty. 2014 was truly an amazing year for STOP HUNGER NOW. Let’s join together and make 2015 a year of even greater impact.

2014 was an amazing year.

And we owe it all to you.

This year, Stop Hunger Now served more people and more partners in more countries than ever before. Volunteers packaged a record-breaking 44 million meals in the U.S. and 6.2 million meals abroad, while organizations donated an astounding $10 million worth of in-kind aid – from medicine to books to solar lights – to allow the sick, the displaced and the hungry to thrive and flourish.

Take a peek below for some of the ways your support has transformed lives in 2014.

Through a partnership withGlobalH2O, we are drilling 8 wells to support displaced Congolese & Sudanese refugees in settlements in Uganda. 4 wells are complete and bringing safe water to families who’ve lost everything.
Big news! FAO confirmed that world hunger is dwindling. 805 million people are chronically undernourished. This figure is down more than 100 million over the last decade, and 209 million lower than in 1990-92.
This year saw the deadliest Ebola outbreak to date. In response, we distributed over one dozen pallets of personal protective and sanitation equipment as well as 3.1 million meals to West African communities ravaged by the disease.
In order engage and empower even more individuals and organizations across the world to advocate and act against chronic hunger, Stop Hunger Now opened new locations in Houston, TX; Indianapolis, IN; and, the Philippines.
In March, volunteers and staff embarked on a vision trip to Nicaragua.ORPHANetwork uses our meals to feed 18K children daily through school feeding programs. In 2013, malnutrition among their students was 26%. This year, it’s 12%.
In July, Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa hosted a multi-city meal packaging event to celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela. Over 5,000 volunteers including Mandela’s widow, Graça Machel, packaged 848K meals to honor Madiba.