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a global movement

Stop Hunger Now is an amazing organization. It continues to far exceed my hopes and expectations of what it might accomplish when I first envisioned it. Our mission to end hunger in our lifetime continues to develop and expand as our staff keeps looking for more ways to impact hunger around the world.

I cannot say enough about the dedication, commitment and professionalism of our board of directors, our staff and our wonderful volunteers. They care. And it shows in everything they do. They are passionate about ending hunger, and everyone of them is a true leader in helping change our world for the better.

Here is an excerpt from a staff update I received this morning:

Did you know?

Stop Hunger Now packaged 5,331,376 meals internationally in 2014.  Due to the hard work of Stop Hunger Now and volunteers, meals were packaged in 16 countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.
Stop Hunger Now’s international expansion efforts are a significant demonstration of our leadership and the evolution of our approach to impacting apathy and generating the will to end hunger.  Through the establishment of permanent international meal packaging operations, Stop Hunger Now has a distinctive ability to have a greater impact, harnessing the collective energies of populations around the world in the fight against hunger.  

This is what a global movement to end hunger in our lifetime looks like. Stop Hunger Now volunteers around the world are packaging meals and becoming engaged in the fight to end hunger. Our growth is a true demonstration that by working together we can erase the obscenity of hunger in our lifetime. Stop Hunger Now has truly grown into a powerful international force for good.


changing the things I cannot accept

I often talk about the need for a global movement of people committed to a world without hunger. I continue to talk about it because I truly feel that is what is required to end this unnecessary evil. Thousands of our brothers and sisters die daily from lack of sufficient food when we all know there is enough for all. No one on this perfectly created planet needs to go to bed hungry, much less suffer a lifetime of want and malnutrition.

Good will, compassion and charity are all nice, but none of these are sufficient to end hunger. We will never see an end to hunger until those of us who are not hungry understand the glorious opportunity we have to change the world forever. We have the power to end hunger in our lifetime. We just need to develop the moral will to make it happen.

We need a global movement willing to challenge outdated and immoral systems and philosophies that hold millions in poverty. We need an international force for good that defies the accepted norms of our egocentric and consumer-oriented society. We need a global movement that is willing to stand up and speak out for those too weak and powerless to do it for themselves.

My wife sent me a wonderful quote last night that might just become my new mantra. It is is a perfect starting point for a global movement to end hunger in our lifetime. How do we create a world without hunger? The answer begins here:

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. It is now time to change the things I cannot accept.”

I do not accept we have to live in a world where 25,000  of my family die every single day from hunger when there is more than enough food for all. I believe it is time to change that. I want a world without hunger. What about you?