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worth the journey

In less than 4 hours I am supposed to meet the rest of the VIM team at RDU. We will repack all the team gear and make sure all of us are squared away before we check in for the flights that will ultimately take us to Yei, South Sudan.

The rest of the team have been traveling  by church bus since 0530, coming from Kingsport, Tennessee. I arrived here in Raleigh yesterday afternoon to take care of some Stop Hunger Now office work and to pick up a couple of items for the trip I couldn’t find in Lynchburg.

Those who have traveled overseas extensively know that the next couple of days can not be cataloged under “fun.” But the destination is definitely worth the journey.

Once we arrive in Yei we will be immersed in the work of making a difference in the lives of those whose need is real and immediate. We will be blessed in countless ways every day.

And when we finally have to face the long journey back home we will be exhausted before we begin, but full of a special joy that comes from doing the right thing in the right way for the right reasons. Yes.  The destination is definitely worth the journey.

let’s begin the journey now

The ugly truth is that we allow over 22% of the children in our country to go hungry on a regular basis. There’s no excuse for that. There is absolutely no way to justify it.

As morally repugnant as that truth is, we have the power to change it. Ending hunger in our country, ending hunger around the world, is a monumental task. But, it can be accomplished. The question is simply about when will we start.

I say we begin the journey now.

Let’s start today. Let’s commit to take one step, even a small step, every day until every child has the food they need to live a healthy and productive life.

Working together we can end childhood hunger. Working together we can change the world forever.

Let’s begin the journey now.

“go as far as you can see”

Here is a small quote to help us begin another year of full of great achievements and wonderful accomplishments.


Thomas Carlyle was a 19th century Scottish essayist, historian and satirical writer. Born on December 4, 1795, in Galloway, Scotland, Carlyle studied at the University of Edinburgh and later became an essayist. In the mid-1830s, he published Sartor Resartus, and when he released The French Revolution in 1837, he became a prominent writer of his day. Carlyle died on February 5, 1881, in London, England.

Carlyle’s quote is perfect for all of us attempting great and difficult things, whether it’s getting through the trials of the day or changing the world forever. Whenever we are tempted to give up all we need to do is remember these powerful words of Carlyle. We do not have to see the end of our journey.

Every step we take in the direction of our goals will provide sufficient light for yet another step. It truly is one step at a time, The secret is just to keep walking.