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building a new legacy…

Trump continues to turn out more lights in our nation.  We see the darkness getting deeper, spreading.

As the darkness deepens the roaches are becoming more confident. They know the darkness is their friend, and they know that a immoral, racist, power-mad autocrat is clearing the way for them to feed.

I detest roaches. I detest racists. I detest what Trump is doing to encourage the roaches in our country.

And every day the darkness deepens.



The man in the offal office controls the Executive branch of the government. His party controls both the Senate and the House of Representatives, and the Supreme Court leans right, as well. And #BLOTUS still whines about the obstructionist Democrats.

He has been in office for almost a full year.  Just what exactly is his definition of making America great again? His tiny legacy, like everything else connected to him is a shameful failure that demonstrates a dangerous lack of morality and an egotistical focus on personal greed.

Farewell, Mr. President!

For eight years we have been blessed with a scandal-free First Family. I, for one, will miss President Obama’s quiet dignity and deep strength in the face of all the hatred and opposition he faced from the moment he took the oath of office.

History will bear record to his accomplishments. He has exemplified true servant leadership and has led our nation with intelligence, wit, humor and true humility.

We now enter a new era where the new leader of our nation thrives on lies and scandals, cannot communicate a clear thought and reeks of racism, xenophobia and bigotry. I, along with most of the world, am holding my breath as the United States begins a perilous journey led by an ego larger than the nation, itself.

Farewell, President Obama, and God bless you. You are already missed.


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We are closer now than we’ve ever been to creating a world without hunger. Our society has everything necessary to eradicate hunger forever, and we can do it within the next 15 years.

That’s the goal of #ZeroHunger. Working together we can change the world. Just imagine, a world without hunger, What a powerful legacy to leave our children and grandchildren.

celebrating the opportunity to change the world

Last Friday evening I was honored at a special Stop Hunger Now event in Raleigh. Even though I knew it was coming, the evening still was full of surprises. The evening celebrated my work with the poor and hungry which was humbling, but it was also an opportunity to celebrate what we have all been able to accomplish.

The evening and the event could not have been more wonderful. From the opening private reception through the evening’s program, to the reception afterward, every detail was as meaningful as it was professionally executed. (The only thing that could have made the evening better would have been not having to be at RDU at 0500 the following morning for my flight to Malaysia.)

Even though I do not like to be in the spotlight, the evening allowed me another opportunity to lift up the needs of the poor and hungry before a very special group of people.

The 200 or so folks in attendance were all friends, partners and supporters of Stop Hunger Now. And they are all special, not because they attended an event in my honor. They are special because they are true leaders in the global movement to end hunger in our lifetime. I just wish there would have been more time to visit with each person present.

I am soon starting yet another new path in my personal journey. But, I will never cease to be a champion for the least of these among us, and I will never cease working toward a world without hunger in my lifetime.

Friday evening’s celebration was  a testimony that we can change the world. Working together we are going to end hunger in our lifetime. The passion and commitment of those attending my legacy celebration will help make it happen.


bend it like Beckham

I am still in Raleigh for meetings and to help train new Stop Hunger Now international affiliate directors. After living here for over 15 years it feels strange to be staying in a hotel.

It does change my perspective, and my habits, like getting to read the paper during breakfast. Yesterday I read this brief sports clip in USA TODAY:

“Everything I have done, my football career, my family, has led me to this point—This is the moment for me to do what I can to help children in every corner of the world. This is something I want my own children to be proud of.”

Soccer legend and United Nations Children’s Fund goodwill ambassador David Beckham, say he hopes to raise millions of dollars to help end violence against and poverty for children.

My hope is that Mr. Beckham will have as great a success in raising funds and awareness for poor children as he did during his illustrious football career. May his efforts on behalf of poor children be an even greater legacy for his own children than his sports career.

And while all of us cannot command the attention of a sports icon, every single one of us can make a difference on behalf of poor and hungry children. We need to remember than nothing we do is too small to make a difference on behalf of the hungry.

So let’s get in the game. Let’s “bend it like Beckham,” and do all we can to help children in every corner of the world.

stone age economics

One-third to one-half of humanity are said to go to bed hungry every night. In the Old Stone Age the fraction must have been much smaller. This is the era of hunger unprecedented. Now, in the time of the greatest technical power, is starvation an institution. Reverse another venerable formula: the amount of hunger increases relatively and absolutely with the evolution of culture.
Marshall Sahlins, Stone Age Economics,    

The number of hungry people is actually decreasing. It’s now far less than half and much closer to a third. That’s good news.

But, looking beyond the numbers, what Sahlins is saying is still right, Hunger has become an institution. Allowing 25,000 or so of our human family to suffer and die daily from hunger is the status quo.

What kind of a perverted set of values allows individuals to starve in a world of plenty. That’s a warped evolution; more properly, a de-evolution.

Working together we can end the scourge of hunger forever. No one has to die from lack of food. All we have to do is to live up to the moral values we claim. If we don’t, the legacy we leave our children and grandchildren will be uglier then than it is now, a valueless society of self-absorbed greed.