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challenging “the Challenge”

I love a good challenge. And obviously so does everyone else. How many thousands have already doused themselves with buckets of icy water on behalf of ALS? Drenching oneself in gallons of ice water has become the “fad de jour.”

Don’t get me wrong. ALS is a wonderful and worthy cause, and it’s one I totally support.  But is the ice bucket challenge really the best way to raise awareness over a serious illness? Some would say it is. Just look at all the challenge has already accomplished.  And I myself am fond of pointing out that I like the way I am actively doing something far better than the way you are doing nothing.

Yet, every time I see those untold gallons of clean pure water being poured over someone I cannot help but think of those of our family around the world who cannot even imagine such a sacrilege. Wasting clean water, wasting any water, who can conceive of such a thing?

I have watched women and young girls walk for hours to scoop water out of muddy clay pits in eastern Chad. I have been honored to be offered water so thick and turbid I could strain it with my teeth. I have been to places where water is a commodity so limited as to be fought over.

Water is precious. Water is life. We need to honor it. We need to conserve it. And above all, we need to use it wisely, even reverently.

Support ALS. But do it without thoughtlessly wasting a limited and precious resource. My challenge is for all of us to find a better way to do the good we all seek.