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under a poor coat

Yesterday, I had the privilege of spending several hours volunteering at Our Daily Bread here in Lynchburg. The Lynchburg Morning Rotary Club, where I am a member, volunteers at Our Daily Bread once a quarter.

Our Daily Bread has been serving a daily hot noon meal to the hungry for over 30 years. In fact, my first organization, the Society of Saint Andrew played a small role in helping it get started.

Getting an opportunity to serve the poor is always a privilege for me, and yesterday was no exception. Every one of the 125 or so folks that came to Our Daily Bread yesterday came with a history.

Every one of them came with a story. And every one of them came with a hunger for more than the delicious lunch they were served.

There were definitely rich hearts under some poor clothes yesterday. And every one of those rich hearts reminded me that Jesus is a master of disguise.

why the Stop Hunger Now headquarters moved to Raleigh

In the Fall of 1998 I moved the then fledging Stop Hunger Now offices from Bedford, Virginia to Raleigh, North Carolina. Last night I was again reminded just why I decided to make that move.

I was scheduled to fly out of the Lynchburg Regional Airport at 5:45. There’s only one airline (which shall remain nameless, although US is in the name as is Airlines). And that airline only flies to one location: Charlotte, North Carolina.

Before I left my house for the airport, I got a text message from the airlines. Due to late crew arrival, the flight to Charlotte would be delayed until 6:15. A second text soon followed: the flight would not leave until 6:48.

On my way to the airport a third text notified me the flight would depart at 7:30. Since the flight from Lynchburg to Charlotte is about an hour and five minutes or so, it was at this point I became concerned. My connecting flight to Salt Lake City was scheduled to depart from Charlotte at 8:20.

Maybe I should mention it was the last flight to Salt Lake City for the evening. It was going to be close.

No it wasn’t . The fourth and final text came as I was a mile from the airport. The Charlotte flight was now scheduled to leave Lynchburg at 8:00pm.

Arriving at the airport, I explained the obvious problem to the ticket agent. I have to admit he tried to make it better. He honestly tried. None of his solutions worked, but he tried.

I could spent the night in Charlotte and take a flight out to Salt Lake City today. But, the only US Airways flight would not get me here until 6:30 in the evening. My presentation to Goldman Sachs was scheduled for 3pm. No other routing would work, either.

So, it was scramble time. n the end, I had the privilege of a three hour drive down to Raleigh last night so I could catch a 7:30 flight out here to Salt Lake City this morning.

I am here. And I am ready for my presentation. But it is never easy.

The Stop Hunger Now headquarters are in Raleigh. And over 15 years after I made that move , I got a little reminder of just what prompted it. I just had to be closer to a real airport.