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speak your mind

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We are living out Orwell’s 1984, where our lying pig of a president tells us not to believe what we see and what we hear. We are daily bombarded with more half-truths and outright lies as he attempts to prop up his base and stay in control.

But in Gandhi’s words, “the truth is still the truth.” Never be afraid to speak out. Never be afraid to say the Emperor has no clothes. If we refuse to speak out the lying liar wins. Speak out. The truth is still the truth.

the earth provides

So true

I have posted this quote in the distant past, but sometimes we all just need a little reminder. God created our world perfectly. That means there is truly enough for all. The secret is sharing instead of hoarding…and yes, it really is that simple.

the wages of sin

I have blogged about the 7 deadly sins before. However, I felt the time was right for a gentle reminder.

These words of Gandhi are especially meaningful at this point in our country’s history. We are fully embracing and living out all 7 of these deadly sins, and there’s a terrible price to be paid.

The consequences for our nation are already being felt, and they will only get worse. We continue to create a dark future for ourselves and our children. And the price grows ever higher.

The wages of sin don’t go down…and there’s no defaulting on the payments.

a good definition of theft

Amassing wealth is morally indefensible in a world where poverty and hunger still stalks millions. Why do we still respect and look up to those who flaunt their wealth with lavish lifestyles when sharing that wealth could be saving countless lives?

Justice in today’s world means sharing with those in need, caring for those suffering, and living as a global family. Amassing wealth is just the opposite.

dishonest lifestyles

One of the biggest inflection points in my life came when I first learned this truth. In fact, this this truth has formed the foundation of most of what I have been able to accomplish in my ministry.

While at a workshop on hunger and lifestyles a Roman Catholic nun helped the small group of us to understand that if the way we lived didn’t match up with what we thought we believed we were just fooling ourselves. She demonstrated that this disconnect was a spiritual issue.

She then walked us through a number of fascinating exercises to help us discover what we really believed, rather than what we thought we believed. As I already mentioned, it changed my life.

Our lifestyles must align with what we believe. It’s not just dishonest to say one thing and live another. Being real, being authentic requires a lifestyle that reflects our beliefs.

Until our beliefs and actions are aligned  we will suffer an inner tension that steals our peace and sense of wholeness. Unless our lives reflect what we believe we will never be truly authentic. We might be able to fool those around us, but we will never be able to hide the truth from ourselves.