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living wrong?

None of us can do everything. But all of us can do something.

Each of us are constantly presented with opportunities to touch someone’s life in a special way. The question is how do we make ourselves more aware of these opportunities.

Once we see a way to make someone’s life better we need to make sure we “just do it.” Good intentions are not enough. We need to make it happen.

We will be happier, and the world will be a far better place.

are you one of us?


Working together we can end hunger and poverty. We can achieve a world where community is real and everyone has the opportunity to thrive, not just survive. Working together we can achieve a world of justice.

What do you think? Do you agree? Are you one of us?

all it takes

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We can change the world. We can create a world where there is justice for all, where peacefulness is a way of life and where all God’s children have a fair share of the world’s bounty. All it requires is for us to care enough to act on what we know is right. All of us know those who would benefit from our time and efforts on their behalf. All we have to do is care.