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facing our fear


Surrender Your Fears

The biggest limitation we have is our own fears. One of my own biggest fears has always been the fear of failure.

Whatever our fears, they hold us back from achieving all that we could if we push through them. We need the courage to attempt greater and more significant challenges. We just need the courage to begin.

In the end, I would much rather fail and look foolish attempting the impossible than always wondering what would have happened if I had tried. As I have often said, any action on behalf of those in need makes a huge difference.

Facing our fear, naming it, and recognizing how it limits what we can achieve is the first step to achieving so much more.  And for me, that makes me want to attempt even greater things, especially on behalf of the poor and the hungry.


we can all help someone


We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

None of us can do everything. But all of us can do something. This is especially true when it comes to ending hunger in our lifetime.

Nothing we do is too small to make a difference on behalf of the hungry. Every time we speak out on behalf of the hungry, every time we take action to stand with the poor and dispossessed, we help nudge our world toward a more just and loving place.

And when all our individual actions are added together we can accomplish far more good than anyone might imagine. Working together even increases the good we can do. Thanks for being a part of the global movement to end hunger in our lifetime.

I’d rather raise Hell…

One of the fads that seems to be popular at the moment is “Keep Calm .” It  began with “Keep Calm and Carry On,” but has taken on a life of its own. The “Keep Calm” list now seems limitless.

Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate” is one. There’s “Keep Calm and Pray.” Another is “Keep Calm and Read Good Books.”

I’ve seen “Keep Calm and Cheer for Duke,” as well as “Keep Calm and Avoid UNC”  One that I really identify with is “Keep Calm and Go Fishing.”

But to be honest, I’ve never been one to “keep calm” about much of anything. Keeping calm is just not a part of my DNA. When I am interested in something you will know about it. I think that’s just the Texan in me.

This morning I came across this gem:

Keep Calm & Carry On

I’d rather Raise Hell & Change the World

This is the real me. Why “keep calm” when we know there’s 25,000 of our family that will die from hunger today? Why just “carry on” when we know we can end hunger forever if we just “get off our Buts” and do it? No. I would definitely rather Raise Hell and Change the World.

What about you? Are you a Hell raiser and a world changer? If you are, then join me. Let’s end hunger in our lifetime. What are you waiting for?